Sundaze 264: First week, an autumn haze and Bancone with the girls

Happy Sunday (and happy October), my loves!

I’m so grateful for the sweet comments and messages you all left me following my last Sundaze post. I was feeling especially pensive and they really lifted me up while I was, really, feeling a little sad to close a chapter of my life. If my mind allows it, I think I’ll slowly try and bring back some personal essays at least, or include a snippet or so in these fortnightly check-ins. Since I’m planning to do far less throughout autumn, I’m sure I can manage that.

My first week!

In case you missed it – and I haven’t really made a song and dance about it – I started my new role on Monday. After some time at, quite honestly, my dream brand in my dream role, I realised that a lot of things had changed since May 2022 and I wanted a better balance between work and life. So, I did the most Michelle thing and made a list of the things I’d like from my next role: flexible hours, shorter hours, a faster commute, actual hybrid schedule, range (or scope of work)… It sounded like a lot, and I was lucky enough to find a role and company that ticked all of the boxes.

My first week has been refreshing and enlightening. A first, I think! It’s been the smoothest welcome and transition to a company that I’ve ever experienced. Long may these vibes continue.

An autumn haze

With it being my first week, I’ve been able to finish on time and with flexible hours, meaning… early evening walks! From woodlands to the lake, it has been a dream to lazily peruse nature with my phone camera in tow and my sister by my side as we catch each other up on our days, ponder upcoming & Chai fragrances and collections, and brainstorm for new projects. I just can’t wait for the changing colours in a few weeks’ time…

England feels particularly autumnal now. You know me, I love embracing all of the seasons, but not until it’s actually time to do so. Since the autumn equinox, I’ve been lapping up Gilmore girls reruns, hot chocolates on dog walks and looking for the first few crunchy leaves on our weekend woodland ambles. Just perfect.

Dinner at Bancone with the girls!

On Monday evening, I returned to the habit of a (work) lifetime and zipped off to London after work. The occasion? A reunion with my Stella marketing girls! Yes, already. We visited the Golden Square branch, which was gorgeous, and feasted on their delicious focaccia to start – so airy and crisp at the same time. The menu is short but plentiful, and there’s two vegan pasta mains, which I was thrilled about! This time, I opted for the kale and chilli rigatoni which was seriously good. It felt like a soul for the tonic to be reunited with Stella alumni and catch up with all my girls after weeks and months apart.

Oh and, you guessed it, my train home was delayed. Of course.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. Gucci recently won the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Award for Circular Economy. I’m really enjoying seeing more luxury fashion powerhouses adopt circular, sustainable and regenerative practices.
  2. Refreshed my MacBook wallpaper with another of these gorgeous monthly designs.
  3. I loved this edit of plus-size coats for AW23.
  4. Currently obsessed with this basic tank I picked up – it adds a fun accent to everyday and workday looks!

Posts This Week

How was your week? And, what is your top tip for anybody starting a new role?

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