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Well, I think it’s safe to say that I am now firmly in the grasp of an Animal Crossing: New Leaf addiction, and judging by the response from my last two diary entries… you are too! If you’re new, catch up with Page One and Page Two of my New Leaf Diary for Nintendo UK, before reading ahead.

Day Seven

I can’t remember how much I’ve updated you with my little house, but I’ve managed a few little upgrades now! I always find that I go a bit mad with these at the beginning, and then struggle later on… So I’ve paid off another house loan and I’ve also finally completed my first town project — a stone bridge! It took me so long to decide on a theme for my town, and I’ve opted for a rustic, majestic sort of vibe to befit the Hogwarts name 😉 I find the project celebration animations SO darn cute!!

I log back in in the evening to play a little and notice a familiar scuttle in the background of the screen. IT’S ONLY A BLOODY TARANTULA. After fainting the first time, and then being really extra careful the second time round — armed with a Net — I manage to outwit him and I finally caught my first Tarantula of the game! I always struggle with donating my first catches, because I just want to keep or sell the rares (depending on my Bell balance), but Blathers gets him again…

Day Eight

Today, I’m pretty much bumbling around town because I paid off another loan instalment early in the morning and my room is full to the brim with random cute furniture that I’ve acquired, but haven’t been able to properly place. I’m really impatient today, and I know that my house renovations won’t be ready until the game refreshes at 6am. So I explore the stretch of shops! You can change hairstyles, visit the Post Office, go to the Photo Booth, gaze out at a ‘view’, or head to the Museum, where I am approximately 92.8% of the time. Guess what I do?

Yup. The Museum. I actually haven’t seen the exhibits yet, and they’re pretty well done. The bugs part creeps me out to no end, but the aquarium is pretty cute, wouldn’t you say? After meandering through the Museum, I head out to the Town Tree and… They’re celebrating with 4th July fireworks! I truly love these little timely finishing touches. I can’t wait until autumn and Halloween roll around in-game.

Thank you so much to Nintendo UK for the gifted game and console, and for sponsoring this diary series! And thank YOU for continually supporting the content that makes Daisybutter possible.

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