White sakura at Shinjuku Gyeon.

一. This week, a chunky ol’ slice of April, has been a struggle. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I do know that I’ve been talking Sarah and Aisling’s ear off about it all. A combination of anaemia (I suspect) and heightened anxiety led me to pass out again on Monday morning and I’ve felt not-quite-myself for much of the week. Apparently my blood pressure is especially low at the moment? I do know though that I’ve created quite a sofa crease in our lounge from my makeshift office for the week! Fingers crossed next week will be a little better.

A sneaky preview of tomorrow’s post! ~*

二. Today, however, I ventured into London for a much-needed change in scenery and for a lunch date with the lovely Cherie! I always love meeting up with fellow bloggers and today made no exception. We headed to The Attendant where we chowed down on some excellent food (post coming soon of course) and nattered away about all manner of things. Delightful!

三. Milo has been vaccinated and microchipped! He took ‘em both like a champ and is becoming a little tearaway. Filled with puppy Mama pride after reading all of your lovely comments on his introduction post. You can follow him on Instagram at @milo.chai to see his adventures and creative sleeping positions! He’s developing such a character and is becoming a puppy ninja – remember the bell we bought for his collar? He can stealthily pace the house without it ringing now. That moment when you’re outsmarted by an 11-week-old…

四. I’m still sifting through my photos from Tokyo to share on here. I took SO many that I’m slightly overwhelmed at which parts to show you! I’ve written one about Mount Fuji and another about visiting temples but I’m dithering about the last few. Blogger problems eh?

五. In Grown Up Mish news, I’m finally taking the first tentative steps towards a mortgage with bank meetings in the pipeline and I’m finally getting my new bed! Since moving home in February, I’ve been sleeping on a broken single mattress on the (also broken) spare divan bed so I’m over the moon at the prospect of getting a decent night’s sleep on a mattress that doesn’t poke springs into my ribs at every opportunity. The next step after that? A) A bedroom update post, and B) having our driveway looked at for refurbing so that I can buy a shiny new car! Operation get-Mish’s-life-on-track is truly underway and I couldn’t be happier. Ish. Boys are mean and odd and a different species aren’t they?

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