I’m just going to get to the point and say what we’re all avoiding: how has the end of February come ‘round so quickly?! January lasted approximately five Ice Ages and twenty opening themes of Game of Thrones, and yet we blinked and February disappeared in a haze of pancake batter, refreshed resolutions and an overall better-mood-than-before. I’m not complaining though, this is my final Sunday as a 26-year-old (it’s my 27th birthday on the 2nd March!) and I am SO excited for a month-ful of birthday shenanigans.

The Pudding Stop

The other day, it was ‘free doughnut and brownie day’ at the office where I freelance 3 days a week. Free. Doughnuts. The Pudding Stop is a little dessert van that takes up parked residence in St. Albans, Hertfordshire and I’ve been meaning to visit for the longest time. We queued up in the freezing chill and I came away the proud (brief) owner of a custard-filled doughnut which was possibly the nicest thing I’ve eaten. So damn tasty. I’ve already made a note to be sure to grab one the next time I’m in St. Albans. Fellow Hertfordshire gals, you know where to go next weekend 😉

An Introduction to Bullet Journalling with Ghenet Actually

On Thursday, my sister Louise and I popped into London to support my friend Ghenet as she ran her very first bullet journalling workshop at West Elm on Tottenham Court Road. Held in collaboration with kikki.K (I know!), she talked a group of us through the basics of the concept and system and we came away with plenty of adorable stationery and bullet journal ideas in tow.

My sister is a total convert – I’ll try and rope her in for a guest post one day – and I’m so proud of Ghenet, who absolutely killed it. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and read her blog to hear of any upcoming workshops!

Sister date night in London

Louise and I were well overdue a sister date night, so we decided to tack one of the end of our workshop trip. We headed over to Ippudo on St. Giles High Street for tasty bowlfuls of ramen in the best broth. I’m a huge fan of Ippudo (especially their branch in Hong Kong!) and their menu is extensive yet everything still tastes great. This was actually my first time ordering ramen as a vegetarian, so I was excited and intrigued to see how it fared: I can confirm their veggie ramen is incredible, as is their veggie bao.

Ippudo London: 3 Central Saint Giles Piazza, Saint Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8AG.

We chatted away for absolutely ages, setting the world to rights and enjoying a little quality sister time together (so important, I think). And afterwards, we took a walk through to Soho to see the Chinese New Year lanterns in Chinatown and ended up stumbling upon the Instagram-famous Doughnut Time! We bought three and caught a train home.

Shooting with Kaye again

I’ve shot with Kaye a handful of times already, but finally managed to book in with her again this week and we headed out on an Arctic Friday to get a batch of looks in. I can’t wait to share the sets with you! I wanted to include a little note about working with Kaye here because I honestly couldn’t be happier with our work together. Shooting looks and the entire photography element of blogging has never been my strongest point, and I often mention how not being able to shoot my outfits in a way that I’d like is what set my blog off-track for a few years. I’m not entirely comfortable in front of the lens, but taking the plunge to shoot with Kaye has been incredible. Not only are her photographs beautifully captured in a truly unique style, she has an incredible knack of helping you feel at ease and working with you to nail the shots every time. We always have a great time shooting together (and ordering food props). You can book in with her via her website.


This week was incidentally one of my best gym weeks to date! I’m not exactly nailing it on the food front, but I’m really enjoying my current weekly workout plan and dedicating days to focussing on different parts of my body. I also had one of my best Barre classes to date too. Aside from that, I’m joining a new gym next week (for no reason other than to shave down my monthly outgoings) and am feeling super motivated on all fronts: I’ve made a list of all the new classes I want to try, a workout plan courtesy of Blogilates, a new fitness habit tracker has been added to my bullet journal, and I’ve picked up a protein blend in an effort to really support my fitness regime. Bring it on, March!

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