Happy Chinese New Year!

(One time this week, I promise I won’t greet you with a holiday message, heh.)

Today marks the first day of the Lunar calendar and it’s about to get foodie and celebratory in the Chai household. I ummed and ahhed over what to share this year but decided to opt for a little round-up of your zodiac reading for the year ahead. I used to write these in conjunction with Granny Daisy and thus skipped the previous two years. However, Mama has picked up the book full of our readings this year and I thought it’d make a fun read to bring that back! I know horoscope readings get a lot of flack, but the book from our family monk is honestly SO accurate and has very accurately read my years since I turned 21.

Plus, you can keep up with how we’re celebrating as a family over on Instagram and Stories! (Hint: it’s basically a lot of red, a lot of red, some interesting traditions and such.)

Year of the Dog

It’s your year in more ways than one. Remain true to yourself and you’ll enjoy a happy and successful year. Although you may open the year on a big of a low, it’s completely up to you to lift your mood. It’s utterly down to you to view your life and all of its’ possibilities in a bright and optimistic manner – and you’d do well to because there are SO many good things in store for you. Your romantic life reads positively: singletons will soon meet somebody that truly understands them and it could turn serious quickly. Already paired off? There may be a few hurdles to rough out, but ultimately it’ll lead to a strengthened relationship and a deeper bond.

Take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. There will be several and you may just get your big break!

Year of the Pig

Intrinsically linked to the Dog, those born under the Pig will see a good year this year. Your kindness and generosity will spread peace to those in your presence and henceforth your highs are higher and lowers, lower. You might be somebody that overdoes it, whether in spending or elsewhere, but you should make attempts to curb this and you’ll benefit from scaling back and focusing instead on the more meaningful things.

If you’ve previously been disappointed by a family member or loved one, that bond can be rebuilt this year if you make peace with any leftover resentment or fear. There’ll also be some exciting family news shared by mid-year! Love-wise, you’re really into lovey-dovey commitment and this year, if you’re single, you’ll find yourself entangled in the paths of some interesting people as well as one special someone who’ll appreciate you and all of your facets. In a committed relationship? Your relationship will continue to be solid and rewarding, complementing your personality and characteristics almost perfectly.

Year of the Rat

Rats are advised not to be too greedy this year and to avoid gambling, due to risky luck readings. In love? Consider tying the knot to improve your luck. Newer couples might engage in small arguments, but it’s nothing to fret about. Work-wise? There may be some cash flow issues, so be extra careful on the business front and remain level-headed and conservative. (Not that sort!)

This year, Rats are advised also to indulge in social activities, personal interests and self-care. You probably neglected this all last year, but it’s time to make time for you and rediscover your funny and happy side.

Year of the Ox

Last year was an expectedly steady year for you. You took opportunities as they arose, felt confident as a result, and you’re pretty established too now. Go you!! In 2018, you’ll have plenty more chances to shine so take them in your stride, throw yourself in at the deep end and you’ll shine even further. You might also find that you’re gradually getting more sociable: use these social skills to meet new people from all corners and all walks of life, because one or two of these newfound friendships may be life-long relationships and will bring great things to your life.

In the love realms, it’ll all happen when you least expect it. For the Ox, slow and steady will always win the race.

Year of the Tiger

You’ll probably find that last year was full of change. And you totally embraced it! You love a challenge and being able to test yourself, but sometimes you can be reckless and tempted to go against intuition. This year, be a touch more responsible and cautious to all aspects of life: work, love, friends, self-care. Your relationships have flourished in recent years, so take care to nurture these connections, particular this year. Loyalty and devotion to your loved ones will reward you greatly this year.

Year of the Rabbit

Although you may approach life cautiously, with a peaceful manner, this year it may serve you well to work with a little more derision to accomplish your goals and see your efforts come full circle at last. Family and friendships might have been trickier last year, but you’ll have a chance to rebuild these in 2018 and even strengthen that bond further. The same goes for your love life – shy away from your feelings and it’ll cause more dismay, reach out to others and it’ll soon pick up.

In terms of work, it might just be time for you to step it up a notch. Believe in yourself and shake off the fear of being lacklustre because you are totally able to prove yourself: show off your work ethic, show up to work. Thinking of setting up your business? Apparently, this is your year to begin. Consistency in whatever you choose will drive you instantly towards success

Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dog is supposed to bring out your dynamic energy, Dragons. Described as one with legendary sense of curiosity and magnetic energy, you are probably the most unique person in your group of friends, an idealist with out-of-this-world ambition. You’ll enter the lunar year with confidence, which will help you build a foundation for success. However, you might notice over time that the framework you use to describe success changes, and that’s completely okay. This is certainly a year for emotional and spiritual growth, and you’ll likely end the year with a deeper understanding of yourself. Love life-wise, you’re in tune with loved ones, developing closer bonds day by day. Single Dragons might start the year ‘playing the field’, but you’ll meet somebody mid-year that stands out to you in a powerful way. Proceed with caution.

Year of the Snake

Charming and seductive, the Snake is respected this year, having built a solid foundation for themselves last year. Relationships across the board – family, friends and romance – were harmonious, and this will continue to thrive in 2018.

Maintain the well-earned sense of confidence that you have nurtured and this will aid your sense of happiness and fulfilment throughout the year. If you remain thoughtful and conscientous, you’ll also reap the rewards at work. Go about work and business honestly and you’ll be rewarded significantly. This is a huge year for business and social opportunities.

Year of the Horse

Those born under the Horse are excellent at what they do, especially when doing something they love, they’ll likely leave a long-lasting impression. You’re probably an independent explorer, totally into living in the moment and discovering anew. Sociable and happy in groups, you also dream above your means, but you need to be a bit more serious in the Year of the Dog. Good opportunities will flock to you earlier in the year: take note to anchor yourself to these instead of embracing your typically free-spirited side.

It looks like your career will take off this year. Remain grounded and serious, and the same will apply to your love life. If you quell the free spirit nature that may have evaded exes, you’ll find a space for a deeper connection to someone that truly adores you. This is your year of grounding and honing in on your personal interests and what was made for you all along.

Year of the Goat

This year, you’ll be doing pretty great on the business front. It’s the ideal time to expand and move into new ventures, provided you are able to find the right opportunities. Plan your strategies well and find the right connections. Not ‘in business’? You’ll work well with colleagues and superiors; you might even find yourself going international. Remain humble and embrace all that you receive.

You’ll also be pretty lucky overall. Pay extra attention to numbers that you come across in your daily life. Born in 1991? The lunar calendar is kinda thinking you’ll be married this year.

Year of the Monkey

Those born into the Monkey will see a streak of bad luck at the beginning of the year, business and work-wise. Soldier on and you’ll see the improvements come to you in the latter half of the year.

There could be changes in your love life this year! Girls born in 1992 should be careful of their chosen other-halves. However, do try your luck when you see things happening as though ‘by coincidence’.

Year of the Rooster

Fiercely independent but also capable and confident, this year is full of opportunities for you, Rooster. It’ll be a relatively stable year for you, in comparison to a rocky 2017, and you’ll be able to show off your talent. If you maintained a relationship, it could develop into something much more serious – even lifelong commitment. Single? You will continue to meet several interesting people.

Your career will also see you drawn to something more serious and stable. Consider starting a business or expanding an existing one, it’s certainly the time to. Overall, Roosters feel ambitious and want more responsibility. It’s an excellent time and strong chance to move up and earn more. Expect to be met with assistance and unexpected meet connections that will open doors right when you need them.

Find your Chinese zodiac here.

S/o to our family monk. And happy Chinese new year all!

Photos by Kaye Ford.

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