This week, I have felt tired. Not enough sleep and not enough hours in each day to do what I’d like to can do that to a girl. One of my overarching problems is that I dream of more and know that I can achieve all that I want to if I work for it, and so I do; I’ll sacrifice an extra 15 minutes where I can and exchange it in good will for ‘just a little more’. (As I’ve been in between gym memberships, I’ve technically had a bonus 2 hours to each evening and I’ve felt obligated to use it to work.) But over time, it chips away until you’re bleary-eyed, working at 1am and knowing you have to be up at 7am to do it all again.

Next week, I’m going to aim for balance. I’ve started a new gym membership and I’ll be back to getting some headspace by lifting weights and challenging myself. I’ve taken a day off from one of my in-house clients and I might even have an afternoon to myself. There are things I want to focus on (the Honey + Chai relaunch and new collection drop, for starters) and I just need to find the headspace to put it all in motion.

A thank you!

As my posts are rarely in diary format from day-to-day these days, I wanted to take this chance to say a huge ‘thank you’ for the incredible response to this week’s blog posts and social content. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing on Daisybutter at the moment and that’s boosted even more so by being able to log in each evening and read and reply to your comments. Never have I felt the community spirit more (in modern-day blogging, that is).

Our Hitchin date day

Throughout winter (I firmly stand by my thought that it is still winter in England), we tend not to indulge in so many date days because it’s just unpleasantly cold outdoors. But yesterday we got ready and drove over to Hitchin for a little date day. We’d originally planned to get brunch at Groundworks but it was absolutely packed! Instead, we walked through to Hitchin Coffee Lab – my other favourite – for oat milk flat whites and iced lattes, before grabbing pizza at Pizza Express. The best.

Sister afternoon

Next week I’ve an exciting date in my diary, and so Louise and I headed out for a sisterly day of shooting, shopping and working in a coffee shop on Friday. A few weeks ago, I drove by a beautiful pink cottage in my town and was determined to shoot there – so we did! (That post is arriving on Wednesday!) Granted it wasn’t as picture-perfect close-up and we couldn’t muster up the courage to shoot by their adorable wooden front door, but we got the shots! Afterwards, we indulged in a lil shopping sesh and then cosied on up in Costa before the rainfall began.

Free Soul Hero vegan protein blend

Five months in to my gym journey and I’ve finally invested in a protein blend to supplement my regime. After some solid consistency, I’m actually seeing a little progress and thought it was about time that I added a protein shake to the mix. I spent about 2 weeks researching different companies and blends and finally decided on the Free Soul Hero blend, made to supplement and support women’s health as well as helping to build muscle. Of course I’m not advocating food replacements or anything of the sort, I simply find this a great drink to have after awkward hour workouts, where I can’t quite have a 10.30am lunch or a 3pm dinner. So far, so good!

Links I’ve Loved:

  • Have you seen Ugly Delicious, the new docu-series on Netflix? Watch it and then head over to Winnie’s blog to read her post on appreciating differences in food and culture. I found it such a remarkable read and it was certainly a highlight of my week.
  • This post on Wander With Laura was so poignant and emotive, discussing why we might feel left behind as others’ lives twist and turn in different ways.
  • One of my ex-colleagues has begun a new blog and it’s great food for thought. On These Kitchen Thoughts, Michelle divulges her thoughts as she gets to grips with learning to cook and, believe you me, her writing is just incredible. Start with this post.
  • This piece on Man Repeller provided a perfect respite from the usual Instagram-centric posts: within it, Haley Nahman lists how other people use Instagram and what their ‘typically liked’ posts are. The results are interesting, that’s for sure!
  • As my bullet journal obsession deepens, this ‘how to’ post over on Brunch at Audrey’s made a great read!
  • … Ditto this bullet journal for blogging post from Abbi.
  • Um, bookmark this Harry Potter guide to Edinburgh immediately.
  • Whether as an emergency Mother’s Day lunch or just a lovely springtime meal, this steamed salmon and veg parcels recipe from Gem’s blog sounds absolutely delicious.
  • Victoria’s journey as she improves her health is truly inspiring and these five simple routine changes that she’s made are something that we can all take note of.

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