Welcome back to the soothing cocoon that is Sundaze, readers. Now more than ever, I’m happy I started this laid-back series so I could offload my thoughts and virtually hang out with you guys.

This week, it’s felt like everything has been going at 100mph. Only a few days ago my family and I were enjoying our bai sun ceremony to bless the new house with fortune and luck, and now it looks like we’ll be enjoying our new four walls with extra vigour for the foreseeable future.

As a last hurrah before a long, long stretch of social distancing, I popped to get my nails done by a local lady this week. My last set of gels saw me through a big house move and unpacking about 12 boxes, so were snapped, broken, outgrown and painful. If you’re local to Hertfordshire, you NEED to check out Jo at Paintbox Beauty post-quarantine. She did an incredible job with my new rose quartz gel overlays and I’m honestly obsessed; they’re making flicking through book pages and spending hours on Animal Crossing: New Horizons even better!

When I flip back to last week in my bullet journal, it’s mad that I was casually popping in to radio stations for appearances and even that I was popping out to run errands. In just a week, everything has taken a turn and I’m not sure what to say about it all. I’m no doctor, so I won’t be giving any actual advice, but please do your part in flattening the COVID-19 curve. Let’s stay home together, make food, bake cookies, read lots, and send those comments and DMs because, for some people, that could be their only interaction with the outside world.

My new posting schedule during COVID-19

Whilst of course there is a pretty wide berth between all of us in the Daisybutter community, during these unprecedented times of uncertainty, my posting schedule on here is going to slow down a little. I dithered for a while about this, but as I’ve been considering dropping down to three posts a week for a while anyway, this seemed an apt time to do so.

This might sound strange because, well, surely the way to ‘capitalise’ in this situation would be to create even more content whilst people are available to read it. But even though the majority of us will be self-isolating and spending huge amounts of time indoors, I also wanted to encourage you guys to make the most of it by not being online as much and exposing yourself to the constant terrible news. Instead, ticking off mini, almost nonsensical jobs from your list. Personally I’ve been spending a little less time online because I’ve been doing other things: unpacking, reading, writing, cooking, hanging out with Dad from the next room(!!), and trying to find pockets of good that I can bring to the community around me.

From Monday, you can read new posts every Monday, Thursday and Sunday; stay safe, readers. I’m still posting daily on Instagram, and you’ll still receive my newsletter (if you’re subscribed) on the 1st of every month. Plus, if you’re feeling more isolated than anticipated, my email Inbox is always open to each and every one of you for a good ol’ chat!

A little book share!

Having rambled about all of that, on Wednesday I decided to do something fairly out of character — for me at least! By now I’m sure you know I’m an avid book collector, and I know that I’m incredibly privileged, a) to be able to purchase books regularly, and b) to have the space to collect books. With potential lockdown on the horizon and self-isolation commonplace, I decided to give books away* to some of my Instagram community so we’d all have at least one thing to read during these times. The response was one of the most heart-warming things I’ve ever experienced. If you’re in a position to be able to, could you consider doing the same in your community?

* Hand sanitiser at the ready! 😉

I’m on Respect the Mic podcast this week

Lastly, I’m honoured to have been asked to feature on Respect the Mic this week! A podcast about being Asian, for Asians, I’ve enjoyed many of their episodes so far. It’s a fun, light-hearted, chatty pod run by two Michael’s, and I thoroughly enjoyed appearing on the recording and giving a female perspective of what life can be like as a British-born Chinese woman in the UK right now. You can catch the episode here, where I also chat about some of the post-Tweet madness I’ve experienced!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has finally landed

After YEARS since the last major Animal Crossing release (New Leaf, which I very proudly partnered with Nintendo UK on back in 2013!!), this week saw Animal Crossing: New Horizons land with perfect timing. I’ve adored the Animal Crossing franchise for years. It’s cosy, understated, relaxing and soothing, with iconic ambient music and a cast of adorable characters (villagers). Harvey preordered me a copy for my birthday earlier this month, and I’ve had the loveliest weekend thus far setting up my island.

Readers, feel free to add me! My Friend Code is pictured above. The game is more than what I expected. The graphics are so gorgeous, with unbelievable attention to detail, and I love the new touches that elevate every corner of the original game premise. It’s going to be perfect for so many of us that are doing our part in self-isolating and social distancing.

Links I’ve Loved

  1. For people with health conditions, self-isolating is a normal way of life. This post on Sea of Shoes shares Jane’s tried-and-tested tips for staying sane whilst isolating.
  2. Steph’s post about navigating sustainability when you’re plus-size was SO insightful.
  3. I’ve recently got to grips with organising my new wardrobe, and this wardrobe organisation tips post on Zoella was pretty helpful!
  4. 30+ healthy pantry recipes on my beloved Love & Lemons; they’re all vegetarian or vegan too.
  5. I’m so honoured to be quoted in Tahmina Begum’s article about why the coronavirus panic is racist and imperialist. Read it on Restless Magazine here.
  6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons IS OUT!! I adored Megan’s post about why we need the escapism of Animal Crossing more than ever.
  7. Jaime’s beautiful ode to her twin babies was the most touching thing I read this week.
  8. And last but certainly not least, I’m really enjoying seeing some lo-fi content from Lydia Millen via her life and style series. This post explains her intent behind the feature.

Posts This Week

How was your week? Let me know how you’re feeling at the moment; stay safe, stay home.

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