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Welcome to the first Sundaze of 2018! A monumental occasion that absolutely necessitates… a cup of coffee made with Oatly milk. Delish. How cute is this concrete base desk calendar by the way? Picked it up on Etsy and I’m obsessed. Last week I decided to forgo Sundaze in favour of a from-the-heart post to celebrate eight years of Daisybutter and I’m over the moon with how well-received it was! Of course I write posts ‘for the blog’ but they’re first and foremost a way for me to write down thoughts to later recount and this is one that I was particularly proud to write. We’re back to normal regimes this week though and I can’t wait to get back to business. Oh, and a huge hello to all of my newer readers who’ve made their way over from Lily’s recent blog post! Welcome to this madness…

We went to Amsterdam!

This week, Harvey and I went on a little city break to Amsterdam. Partly as a way to bring in the new year but also to celebrate his 27th birthday, we spent 5 days in the City of Freedom/Sin and it was great. We first met each other when we were seventeen so it felt surreal and pretty fun to spend his 27th birthday together. Ten years! We managed to tick plenty of spots off my list and explore some of the quieter neighbourhoods outside of Jordaan – a city guide will be winging its’ way to the blog when I’ve had time to sift through my Pixel camera roll, DSLR, countless Instax snaps and faux disposable film canisters. The city is absolutely charming in its’ own way, so many sweet canals and little winding roads paved with cobbles to meander and get lost down. And the food scene!! We travelled by Eurostar and enjoyed a romantic (I find long train journeys so romantic), albeit lengthy journey over, before shacking up in two hotels for the duration of our trip. And might I say, I’ll definitely be introducing city breaks as a great way to kick-start a year. I feel almost too relaxed…

Daisybutter 2018

Seeing as last week’s Sundaze was replaced by our eighth blog anniversary celebrations(!!), I wanted to take a moment to share some of my plans for the blog this year. Having reached a more stable position with my freelance business, in 2018 I’m going to be dedicating a little more time to Daisybutter and putting my heart and soul into Daisybutter from all avenues.

For starters, you’ll see new posts from me every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday; this way, there’s a little routine to the blog. Plus, it means you’ll know when to expect new content and you can use those at-home Tuesday evenings and lazy at-work Friday mornings to catch up on posts, if you want. I’m no longer duplicating content across my channels and instead, Twitter will be more personal and Instagram will be to share photos that don’t necessarily fit in with what’s currently on my blog. Moreover, the Daisybutter Coffee Club newsletter is back with fortnightly editions being whizzed into your inboxes on Wednesday mornings. Sign up here to get involved.

What I’ve Been Wearing/Using

Podcast Lovin’

Now that I’m on the gym grind, I’ve been burning through podcasts like nobody’s business. I rarely workout to music at the gym and much prefer to fuel my fire with insightful podcast episodes to stimulate my senses whilst pushing myself that one step further. A few that I’ve been into include Glossy – a look into the world of fashion technology, the Let’s Discuss podcast by Ella and Monica, Is It Just Me? – the updated version of what was the Glamour podcast, and My Favorite Murder. What are some of your favourite podcasts at the moment?

The Bill’s Vegan Stew

Last week, I took Harvey to Bill’s for his early birthday dinner where I’d reveal his birthday surprise of a trip to Amsterdam. And although I’m currently not vegan (I eat a vegetarian diet), I’m trying to make conscious plant-based diet decisions and so I opted for their Rustic Butternut Squash Stew. IT WAS SO GOOD. So good that it genuinely deserves its’ own spot in this week’s Sundaze. For those committed to Veganuary, this will be an awesome, heart-warming choice: the stew is made with butternut squash, red peppers, onions, kale and pistachios on a bed of freekeh. Order it the next time you go to Bill’s and thank me later.

A 2018 Project

Each year I try to commit to a new creative project to try and keep inspiration flowing. 2015 saw me craft a Project Life scrapbook, 2016 saw me write 100 mini stories, 2017 saw me compile a gallery wall… This year I’m working on filming clips every single day and adding it to an app called ‘1 Second Everyday’ which allows you to add one second clips from every day to create one video after the year is up. You can make them per month or week too, but I really like the idea of seeing a year in a video format time capsule. If you forget to film something, you can import a clip from another source (your vlogging camera, for example) or a photo from the day, too. It’s not too late to start yours, if you fancy doing so! There’s a little preview of mine so far over on my Twitter profile.


Links I’ve Loved:

  • Alix wrote a post introducing the new year and of her hopes for the year, but the real clincher is the film photography that accompanies the post. So beautiful.
  • This post over on Cider with Rosie about her first time hosting Christmas and it was so wonderful to read!
  • Sarah’s take on the new year’s posts was heart-warming and inspirational to read. I can’t wait to see where 2018 takes her.
  • You NEED to try this Cauliflower Mac ’n’ Cheese recipe from The Mother Cooker.
    The photos in Victoria’s post about her weekend under the stars are absolutely incredible.

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