Happy Sundaze, gang!

This week has been a little topsy-turvy and so I feel completely out of the loop. Thankfully, it means the sadness of Brexit hasn’t quite sunk in yet. As you read this post, we’ll be handing over the keys to our family home of 18 years and it’s pretty monumental to say the least. And as I write this — on Thursday night — I’m absolutely exhausted and ready to sink into slumber for the last time in this house.

Thursday Thoughts

I haven’t felt very sentimental or sad about this move, if I’m honest. I’ve brushed it all off because the task in hand — packing and sorting through 18 years’ of belongings — has been colossal. It’s taken up every inch of headspace and physical energy, and I’ve been hanging on by a thread. But the world must continue to spin, client projects need to be finished (or at least worked on), commutes must be made, and it’s been… a lot. I feel like I’ve been the worst friend, worst girlfriend, worst… You get the picture. I’ve felt like a big ball of anxiety for several weeks and I’m ready just to be in the new house and starting to put down roots again.

Our official moving-in date has been confirmed! In fact, it was confirmed this morning as we were hastily sorting through the kitchen. Three weeks of in-between-ness stand between us and the new place. Until then, I’ll be staying at Harvey’s* and living out of a carry-on suitcase and cardboard box.

As I write these words, my eyelids feel heavy. My back aches, as do my arms, from carefully carrying my life in boxes to the car. I’m snuggled in my duvet with Milo, who is a little stressed but fine overall, and my bedroom has never looked emptier. It already doesn’t feel like mine. The landing, bathroom, hallway and spiral stairs: equally, eerily, empty. Cleared of our flourishing money trees, knick-knacks, photo frames. It’s strange to think that come Monday, another family are moving in. Their plants, knick-knacks, photo frames, slotting into where so many memories were made.

I’ll be sad not to see our beautiful arched window on the landing. Glistening sunbeams flooding through most mornings. The corners of misshapen bedrooms where we played hide-and-seek as kids. My home office where so many business dreams came true. My old bedroom, full to the brim of memories with friends. The bay window that houses our Christmas tree once a year, every year; 18 years.

This is a cherished house, that’ll make a wonderful home time and time again.

(*Post coming soon about feeling the pressure to ‘move in’.)

Milo’s Birthday

Amidst all of the madness, we celebrated Milo’s 4th birthday on Wednesday! I can’t believe we’ve had him as part of our family for almost four years!! We celebrated by inviting some of his doggo friends round and treating them to a dog-friendly birthday cake. It’s safe to say that afterwards, they were all absolutely exhausted.

My February To-Do List

I absolutely smashed my January to-do list. Funny what you can achieve during the longest month of the year, eh? 😉 This month, everything is going to be a bit up in the air as we’ve officially handed over the keys to our house this morning.

  1. Try the Linda McCartney vegan chicken bucket. It’s available now, exclusively from Tesco.
  2. Read I Love You So Mochi; my pick for the Blogger’s Bookshelf Book Club this month.
  3. Move in to our new family house!
  4. Finally pick up a new pair of everyday jeans, after mine died an unceremonious death. I’m dithering between the Everlane Super Straight Jean and the Topshop Editor Jeans.
  5. Cook two new-to-me recipes; I’ve become so lazy with trying new meals!
  6. Nab another two Pokémon Gym Badges.
  7. Get my nails done.
  8. Celebrate the launch of my girl Liv’s book!!
  9. Pitch another feature.
  10. Write one chapter of my novel.

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How was your week? How did you celebrate the end of January?!

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